Best Business Ideas in Pakistan with low Investment

Best business ideas in Pakistan with low investment? There have been many trends regarding the job and work in Pakistan. For the past 20 years people of Pakistan especially the middle class, went for government jobs for a living. The People wanted secure jobs instead of taking risks.

But this trend is changing and the youth prefer entrepreneurship instead of government jobs. So are you looking for best business ideas in Pakistan with low investment ? We might have some great ideas for you. Reason behind this could be the satisfaction of getting your pay every 1st of the month.

What Type of Investment Should we Keep in Mind?

The most common type of investment is monetary. This is considered a critical aspect because funding is the lifeblood of startups and small businesses.

Technical and professional expertise is not required to start an online business or store in Pakistan. The good thing about this investment class is that you can always hire experts to understand the challenge and implement a solution.

You should always research the investment required to execute an online business idea. To help you start, I have compiled the following list of the best business ideas in Pakistan with low investment you can start in Pakistan.

Best Business Ideas in Pakistan with low Investment

Start Freelancing

You might be wondering why freelancing is at no. 1 in this list of best business ideas in Pakistan with low investment. It is because freelancing is the most trending business in Pakistan for the past few years. And you might be wondering how much investment you need for this business.

You don’t have to worry about that, because freelancing needs zero investment. Without spending a penny you can start your business as a freelancer and earn thousands of dollars. Because most of the transactions of freelancing are in dollars you will get more money compared to Pakistan.

Start Travel Agency

Pakistani people travel abroad every year to their religious and holy places i.e. Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc. So why not provide them the best means to travel through your travel agency. You can serve and profit at both times.

With an estimated amount of 5 lacs, you can start your travel agency and start earning. It is one of the most best business ideas in Pakistan with low investment.

Start Poultry Farming

The food industry in Pakistan is very rewarding due to the high demand for food products. Poultry is the most demanding product in Pakistan.

You can start a small poultry farm on a small scale to start your poultry business. But hens and chicks in poultry require the best care one can provide. So keep that in mind and research completely all the pros and cons before investing and starting this business.

Create Online Ecommerce Store

The trend is changing now a days. People are transferring from physical business to Online Ecommerce businesses. What is an online store? It is a Store same as the real store that one has, but it is on the internet. Many people are selling their products online using their website stores. It provide more profit due to its universality. You are able to sell all over the world. Only sky is the limit. Online Ecommerce stores can be of two types.

A Personal Brand

If you have a product to sell that you manufactured. Personal Brand is the best option for you. You can list your products on your store and sell them all over the world.

Drop shipping Store

A drop shipping store is a little different from personal brand. In this type of store you Place products from other manufacturers to your store and sell them as a middleman.

Start Digital Marketing Services

In Pakistan, digital marketing has transitioned a lot in the last few years taking us into the age of online content, social media, and Google and this shift has enormously affected how people purchase, buy and sell.

All you have to do is define your brand, create detailed buyer personas, choose your digital marketing strategy, set your budget, brainstorm strategy, embark on a campaign, track your results, hire 1 or 2 employees, get a laptop and internet connection, and all settled. It is best business ideas in Pakistan with low investment.

Start Photography

Before you ready to put in work and jump in, research and plan your strategy as it will save you time. It is possible to earn a good living from your passion.

Write down your startup cost and decide what types of photography services you can offer, establish your branding reputation, develop a business plan, structure, and a name, gather needed equipment, create a marketing strategy, and you are psyched up.

All you need is a DSLR camera, its equipment, and a professional photographer. Photography is one of the best business ideas in Pakistan with low investment.

There are a lot of beautiful places like the deserts of Pakistan, historical places, hill stations in Pakistan, and mountain ranges in Pakistan where you can travel easily and take photos.

Start Event Management

Have you ever worked as a volunteer in an event or helped organize a few events and thought this could be your ardor? Most youngsters in Pakistan are hitting the trail and investing in the event management business and taking it as a top business idea in the country.

To maximize productivity they opt to gain a larger audience. Build a plan, do market research, develop gain event planning skills, set a budget, develop a business plan, develop your networks of supplies and staffing resources, define your services, devise a marketing strategy. This is the most successful small business idea in Pakistan.

Start Homemade Food Business

Homemade clean and fresh food without any preservatives is always preferred in Pakistan. The multiple variety of dishes available by food bloggers and homemade food businesses has everyone ordering home made food.

The food is not only made from basic ingredients but is also easily accessible and relatively cheaper for office going, university going people and even those who just do not want to cook at home. It is one of the top business ideas in Pakistan. It is also the best business idea in Pakistan for women.


While jumping on the bandwagon could be perilous, it can also turn out to be highly gratifying. Before working on any of above mention best business ideas in Pakistan with low investment you have to make sure that you prepare thoroughly before starting a business.

Take one step at a time. All you need is a bit of inspiration, a little stamina, and positivity. Always remember that research and marketing are the key elements to get going and you will be on your way to successful ownership.

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