How to Get Data Entry Work From Home without Investment in 2024

If you have good typing skills and some relevant experience, you can get one of these jobs and start an online career in data entry work. The average person has no idea that they can make $100-$500 per month doing something that doesn’t take much training at all.

How to Get Data Entry Work From Home
How to Get Data Entry Work From Home

All you need is your typing skills and you will start earning. Are you interested in online data entry work without investment? If you would like to get paid for data entry work on a part-time basis while sitting in home, there are a few companies that offer data entry work from home.

How do I Start a Data Entry Work Job?

Many companies that hire people to do data entry work, only require a high school education or the equivalent, such as an Office Management Course. Expertise in using Microsoft Excel or another database tool.

Experience in word processors like Microsoft Word. Superb abilities in typing and transcription, including the ability to type quickly.

How much can You Earn from Data Entry Work?

Depending on the job description, some roles will pay more than others. Another factor that affects the pay rate is the company that hires. In general, data entry roles pay per hour.
Some jobs will pay by project, which means that there is not a fixed hourly rate.

Some Freelancers will not mind this as they can take on multiple projects at once and earn more money.

Top Online Data Entry Work Jobs Platforms


Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelancers to work in a variety of roles such as graphic design, writing, translation, marketing, and of course data entry. To be successful on the platform, you will need to create a profile to showcase your skills to snag jobs relevant to you.


This is another excellent place to find online data entry work without investment. It is a platform for freelancers to complete projects for payment. Just as with Fiverr, freelancers need to create a profile displaying their skills and qualifications

Flex Jobs

One of the best online job boards is Flex Jobs. When you check out the website, you will find hundreds of jobs available at one time. Once signed up, you will get access to a range of home-based data entry work, as Flex Jobs is primarily a remote job board.


If you have a fast typing speed and you don’t mind listening to short audio files, you could perform data entry work for Scribe. Scribe is a transcription company that hires freelancers to convert audio to text.

Go Transcript

Go Transcript only hires transcribers to convert audio files into text. Go Transcript mentions that they pay in competitive rate for their online jobs and they are always looking for transcribers to fill positions.

The best thing about this company is that you can also earn money as an affiliate by promoting their company online. If you are skilled in transcription, Go Transcript is one of the best places to sign up and start working.


This is a transcription company that hires freelancers to transcribe audio files and caption videos. As a freelancer with Rev, you can choose the type of project you would like to work on from the hundreds of listings available. Rev pays by the audio minute and you can expect a weekly payout through PayPal for all completed projects.

Click worker

If you don’t mind doing short tasks online and working on projects, then Click worker could be the perfect space to do data entry work. Click worker is an online platform that hires freelancers to complete task-based projects. A few things you may be doing include transcribing audio, and captioning videos, converting photographs, taking surveys, and categorizing data.


Quicktate is a well-established transcription company hiring contractors to type and analyze files. At Quicktate you can work as many or as few hours as you want and choose your own schedule. Data entry work includes transcribing voicemails, memos, medical files, conference calls, and phone calls.


Having been in operation for more than 25 years, Lionbridge is a trusted company in the data entry space. Apart from data entry jobs, they perform website testing and data research. To get started, Lionbridge requires a short evaluation after which you can start working on the platform.

Sig Track

One of the leading data-entry job providers is Sig Track. They source workers to process voter registrations in the US. While previous experience is not necessary, they do require applicants to be a resident of the United States, possess reading and writing skills, and have reliable internet access.

Capital Typing

Capital Typing provides office services remotely. At Capital typing, you will perform tasks such as transcription, data entry, market research, translation, and even customer service.

Please be aware that while they do hire year-round, data entry positions might not always be available, and you will see other positions on the job portal. Be sure to check back for open positions.


Would you like a data entry work from home that is simple and straight to the point? MegaTypers will hire you to complete tasks like voice-to-text transcription and image-to-text transcription.

MegaTypers provides data entry services to government institutions and private companies and hires people from across the globe. They mention that you only need a computer and reliable internet service to start working

Pico workers

It is Just like as Click workers, Pico workers hires freelancers to do small tasks in their downtime or in between jobs. It is great for people who want to try part-time data entry jobs, rather than working full-time.

After checking out the site, I saw that freelancers could do fun things like recording funny TikTok videos, promoting content, commenting on blogs, and of course, doing online data entry jobs.


If you want to find genuine online data entry work from trusted companies, Indeed is a great spot to look. Indeed is actually quite popular and plenty of job seekers use its website to find suitable careers.

To use Indeed, just head to their site, create a free account and upload your resume and credentials. Once completed, you can start finding jobs that match your profile.


As told you before, please read the previous review and feedback that was given about the following website before joining. Also, confirm whether it is paying or not. Some websites are fake and also offer fake jobs. All the websites are not legal.


Are Online Data Entry Jobs Legit?

There are a lot of data entry jobs online that are real. They are usually provided by businesses or companies that offer services to clients. The problem is that some unsavory characters have taken advantage of prospective job seekers by creating fake websites with false data entry job postings.

Do Online Data Entry Jobs Really Pay?

On average, data entry jobs don’t offer outstanding incentives or pay. Entry-level data jobs pay on the lower end, but with proper training and experience, your salary can increase.

Can You Do Data Entry with No Experience?

One advantage of online data entry jobs is that most employers don’t require previous experience. This makes it easy to start earning money, particularly with an entry-level job.

Is Data Entry a Good Career Field?

Data entry is a great career field for those who have just left high school, or for students who can work legally in their state during summer break.

If you possess a high typing speed, work well under pressure, can maintain accuracy and work without supervision, a data entry career could be perfect for you.

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