Amazon Work from Home jobs

Today my discussion will be very interesting and my discussion will be about “Amazon work from home jobs“, as the rise of work from home opportunities has overcome traditional office jobs.

Did you know that there are many Amazon work from home jobs that you can do while sitting in your home, even if you want to shop online?

You can enter the land of Amazon work from home jobs, where your flexibility depends upon your innovation and by unlocking a new era of career possibilities from your own space.

Amazon offers variety of remote work positions, offering wide range of roles that are related to different skills.

From customer service to tech support, from content creation to administrative tasks, Amazon’s virtual doors are open for you to step into a future of professional fulfillment, while embracing the convenience and possibilities that remote work affords.

How Do Get Work from Amazon?

Did you know about Amazon work from home jobs? There are many jobs and side gigs you can do for Amazon like customer service, technical support, food delivery etc. You can also choose to self publish books or become an Amazon FBA seller to start your business from home.

Best Amazon Work from Home Jobs

Amazon’s commitment to remote work extends across various job categories, offering wide range of work from home opportunities. So we have mentioned some of prominent amazon work from home jobs categories below:

Customer Service

This type of job is mostly advertised around holidays. The role is work from home customer service. The minimum requirement is a high school diploma and one year of experience in customer service.

You also need to have a good command of the English language and a pleasant look. Having basic computer skills along with a stable internet connection is a must for this position as you will be working from home.

You have to talk with customers via phone and solving their issues. You can get paid around $15 / hour and these hours are approximately 20 to 29 per week.

You will also awarded with health care benefits but you will get that when you will get eligible for that after specific amount of time. It could be one of the easy online jobs for students.

IT Support

People related to tech and IT support can find opportunities in remote technical support roles. In this role your responsibility will be to solve troubleshooting and technical issues, providing solutions to customers and ensuring the smooth operation of Amazon’s digital platforms.

Amazon FBA business

If you want to start with Amazon work from home jobs, then there is no better way than being your own boss and starting an Amazon FBA business. Thus this could be the most popular way to make money online with Amazon.

If you are new to this term, then Amazon FBA is platform where you can send your products to Amazon and then company takes care of all the packaging, storing, delivery and customer service.

This business does not require any special skills but you must have a good eye for searching great products. Finding things that you can sell online for profit is somewhat of an art and you should have it in.

Content Writing

If you have a way with words, Amazon offers remote roles in content creation, including writing, editing, and content management. Whether it is about crafting compelling product descriptions, producing engaging blog posts or to design content, your writing skills can help you to find opportunity within Amazon’s virtual teams.

Amazon Stylist

Did you know that you can also work from home as a stylist for Amazon? Yes, you can do that. While working as Amazon stylist, you have to give styling advices to your customers, depending on their preferences.

Basic requirements for this job may include having experience in styling of more then 2 years, personal shopping or sales, good communication skills and having good knowledge of fashion industry.

Sales and Marketing

Amazon’s virtual sales and marketing teams play important role in promoting products and business growth. These roles involve compose marketing strategies, managing online campaigns and connecting with customers to enhance the Amazon shopping experience.

Microtasks on Mechanical Turk

To start working from home for Amazon is as easy as doing short data tagging or typing or simple survey gigs with Mechanical Turk. Amazon Mechanical Turk is a promoting platform where you can earn money by doing small tasks.

Microtasks on Mechanical Turk
Microtasks on Mechanical Turk

Though these gigs don’t pay a full-time income, the money definitely comes in handy. The type of tasks you will be doing are data mining, transcription, surveys, freelance writing etc.

Money that you make depends on the type of task you take up. Bigger tasks pay more than shorter ones, so choose accordingly.

Amazon Influencer Program

If you are a social media superstar, then Amazon can help you to make money with your social media following. It is very much similar to Amazon Associates, but the main promotion channels are social media. So, this is another way to promote Amazon products.

If you qualify for the Influencer Program, you will be able to create a unique page on Amazon with a useless URL and start promoting your favorite Amazon products to your followers.

You need to have a YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account to qualify. Engagement statistics and number of followers are also deciding factors to get into this program.

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is almost similar to Uber or DoorDash work. On Amazon Flex, you will be delivering items for Amazon Fresh, Amazon Restaurants and Prime.

According to Amazon Flex, drivers can make anything between $18 and $25 per hour. When you sign up you will have to indicate your availability. When available, you will pick up the packages and deliver them to the customer’s doorstep.

They accept drivers from specific cities at a particular time. So, be sure to keep checking if they are hiring in your town. If not, they have a waitlist you can join.

Amazon Merch

You love designing and creating? Merch by Amazon gives you a chance to explore your creative side by designing T-shirts. This invitation-only program lets you upload your artwork for T-shirts and choose other things like color and product type.

Amazon Merch

You can also set your own price for your product. Once you do this, Amazon gets them printed and handles the sales and shipping. Every time your T-shirts get sold, you earn a royalty.

However, Merch is quickly changing into common. For this reason, Merch is currently accepting members through invites solely.

If you are artistic and would like to sell your design on Amazon merchandise, request your invite to hitch Merch, and wait to receive your invite.

Amazon Handmade

If you are skillful, then think about the connection of Amazon Handmade. Amazon handwoven may be a ton additional like Etsy. You will be able to build no matter what you are smart at and list them on Amazon handwoven.

The most effective factor regarding Amazon handwoven is there is no listing fee. Also, you get to line the costs for your craft.

While signing language up, you will register with the skilled commercialism setup. The skilled commercialism set up prices of $39.99 per month. This quantity is, however, waived for handwoven artisans.

Self-Publish E-books

Did you know that you can self-publish e-books and paperbacks on Amazon? Yes, you can. If you are skillful in creative writing, then you can publish your book on Amazon Kindle in no time.

You can make around 70% royalties along with having the advantages of quoting your own price and having exclusive rights on Kindle Direct Publishing. With paperbacks, you will be earning 60% royalties along with having the advantage of deciding your price.

Amazon Vine

With Amazon Vine, you have the chance to earn free products in return for unbiased and helpful reviews on This is an invitation only program where reviewers are chosen based on their participation and helpful reviews.

Vine voices are provided with free products by brands in return for these reviews. Providing consistent good reviews and participating regularly can help you get picked up for this program if you are interested in getting free stuff.

Amazon Trade-In

We all know how popular the Amazon Trade-In program is. If you have unwanted electronic stuff lying around in the house, then you can trade it in for Amazon gift cards.

What you can trade? Any Amazon devices, books, video games and more. You just have to check if your item is in good condition, submit a trade-in on the website or app, get the quoted trade-in value, print the free shipping labels and send the item.

If the item qualifies and you choose an instant payment option, you can get your gift cards instantly or it might take up to 10 to 12 days to get the gift cards.

There are many Amazon work from home jobs. With so many new companies popping up every day in the make money online market, it can be hard to find a legit one that you can trust.

As the most credible and legit company, Amazon gives you the chance to earn money in the most diverse and creative ways.

How to get Amazon Work from Home Jobs?

We have mentioned below some of the tips that you can follow, if you want to increase your chances of getting amazon work from home jobs:

  • Make your application material more customize, so you can show your remote work readiness. Show your self-discipline, time management and communication skills, which are very important for remote jobs.
  • Share specific experiences where you have done job role in a virtual work environment or managed projects independently.
  • Emphasize your comfort with technology and virtual collaboration tools in your resume and interviews.
  • Amazon values candidates who can navigate digital platforms and adapt to changing virtual work environments.
  • Highlight any online certifications or experiences that demonstrate your proficiency in these areas.
  • Adjust your application to showcase your understanding of online shopping trends, customer behavior and digital marketing strategies.
  • Highlighting your insights into how customers interact with e-commerce platforms can set you apart, especially in roles related to customer service, sales or content creation.
  • Amazon values employees who embrace change and constantly seek opportunities to learn and improve.
  • Showcase instances in your career where you have swiftly adapted to new tools, techniques or work processes.
  • Highlight your ability to navigate uncertainty and your eagerness to grow within a dynamic remote work setting.
  • Leverage professional networking platforms to connect with current Amazon remote employees.
  • Engaging in conversations about their experiences, challenges and successes can provide valuable insights that you can integrate into your application and interviews.
  • This insider knowledge can give you a competitive edge and help you align your skills with Amazon’s remote work culture.


How much did you get pay from Amazon work from home jobs?

Amazon’s pay for remote work varies based on the specific job role, location and experience level.

What equipment needed for Amazon work from home jobs?

Amazon typically provides essential equipment such as a computer, headset, and any necessary software for employees to effectively work from home.

Can I get Amazon work from home jobs with no experience?

Yes, Amazon offers work from home positions suitable for individuals with varying experience level, including some entry-level roles.

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