HEC USAT Test Admission 2024 – Higher Education Undergraduate Studies Admission Test

Today We will talk about HEC USAT Test Admission 2024. In this blog post, I will tell you which candidates are able to apply for this Test. How much challan fee and last date to apply? You can also apply HEC LAT Test.

HEC in Pakistan stands for the Higher Education Commission. It is a government organization responsible for overseeing and regulating higher education institutions in Pakistan. The HEC main role is to promote and improve the quality of higher education in the country.

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan plays a crucial role in various aspects of higher education, including accrediting universities and colleges, setting academic standards, and providing funding and scholarships to students and researchers. It also works to develop and implement policies to enhance the overall quality of education and research in Pakistan.

In summary, HEC in Pakistan is an important government agency that focuses on the development and improvement of higher education in the country, ensuring that it meets international standards and contributes to the advancement of knowledge and skills among students and researchers.

What is USAT Test

The Undergraduate Studies Admission Test (USAT) in Pakistan is a subject-specific test based on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) pattern. It is conducted by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and is acceptable for all universities in Pakistan for undergraduate admission.

The test is aimed at providing a national undergraduate test that is equally accepted by all higher education institutions. The USAT covers various disciplines including Engineering, Allied Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Information Technology, and Management Sciences at the undergraduate entry level.

The test is divided into two parts: the first part consists of 75 multiple-choice questions, and the second part consists of an essay writing section with a score of 25. The USAT is compulsory for universities offering undergraduate admissions and is conducted by the Education Testing Council (ETC), which is controlled by the HEC.

Who can apply for HEC USAT Test Admission

  • Students who have passed the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) or Grade 12 education/equivalent.
  • Students who have appeared in the final examination and are awaiting results.

Which USAT Version to Apply for Based on Academic Streams

The USAT test will be conducted in the following six categories based on relevant academic streams. Students should register accordingly:

  • USAT-E: If you want to be admission to any engineering program you need to take USAT-E Test.
  • USAT-M: If you want to be admission to any medical program you need to take USAT-E Test.
  • USAT-A: If you want to be admission to any Art & Humanities program you need to take USAT-E Test.
  • USAT-CS: If you want to be admission to any Computer Science program you need to take USAT-E Test.
  • USAT-GS: If you want to be admission to any General Science program you need to take USAT-E Test.
  • USAT-COM: If you want to be admission to any Commerce program you need to take USAT-E Test.

USAT Test Marks Distribution

Before applying, you should check here how many marks the paper will have and from which book the questions will come in the paper.

Role of Universities

universities will continue to announce their admission programme independently. Students applying to universities accepting USAT will submit the USAT -(category) score card for inclusion in the weightage-based merit determining formula.

How to Apply USAT Test

  • Visit the following link http://etc.hec.gov.pk for online registration
  • In case of difficulty during online registration, visit https://onlinehelp.hec.gov.pk/.
  • Only Submitted applications will be considered for USAT Test and applications in Save or Incomplete mode will not be entertained.
  • A test fee of Rs. 1750/- will be deposited via 1link 1Bill invoice participating Banks/ATMs/Internet Banking/Mobile Banking/Easypaisa/JazzCash/Upaisa.
  • Once you have selected 1link 1bill invoice payment service, open/sign in to your mobile app and click on Bill payment or payment services (as per your mobile banking app options).
  • Click on 1Bill Invoice payment services and enter the consumer number generated by the ETC portal. Once you see the details, pay the amount.
  • After depositing the fee through the 1link 1Bill invoice, click on verify Online Payment on ETC Dashboard.
  • The test fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • The candidates must get their queries/complaints resolved before the closure of the web registration portal. The system denies queries/complaints handling beyond the registration deadline due to logistics/security reasons.
HEC USAT Test Admission
HEC USAT Test Admission

USAT Last Date Apply

Many people want to know what is the last date to apply so let me tell you the HEC USAT test admission’s last date is 17-Junary-2024. USAT Tentative test date is 28 January 2024.

Last Word

I hope you have got complete information about the HEC USAT test admission. If you still have any query then you can ask us in comments box. We will try to answer you as soon as possible.

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