University of Sargodha Admission 2024 Last Date to Apply

Today we will talk about the University of Sargodha admission 2023 last date to apply. How to fill the form. What is the fee structure in any program? You can also see BS Nursing Admission 2023 in Punjab.

The University of Sargodha (colloquially known as SU) is a major public-sector university located in Sargodha, Punjab, Pakistan. Established in 1916 as O’Brien Islamia High School, it was upgraded to De’Montmorency College in 1929 and later renamed Government College Sargodha in 1963.

In 2002, the college was granted the status of an independent university. The university has around 21,000 students and 800 faculty members, including 300 PhDs, in 24 departments, two institutes, and one school. These are assisted by around 1,200 administrative staff.

The University of Sargodha offers modern teaching and research facilities to its students, including well-equipped classrooms and laboratories, and a vast collection of library material with online access to books and journals. In recent years, Sargodha University has undergone major institutional and academic reforms to enhance its global profile, with a strategic objective to become a hub of higher education in Pakistan and South Asia by 2025.

Some key aspects of the University of Sargodha include:

  • Faculties: The university has seven faculties, covering social sciences, arts & humanities, natural sciences, agriculture, pharmacy, medical & health sciences, and engineering & technology
  • Constituent Colleges: Sargodha University has five constituent colleges that come under the seven faculties mentioned above
  • Affiliated Colleges: The university has 260 affiliated government and private colleges spread across the province
  • Rankings: Sargodha University is ranked #451-500 in Asian University Rankings 2023

Overall, the University of Sargodha is a prominent educational institution in Pakistan, offering a wide range of academic programs and a strong commitment to quality-centric academic growth.

University of Sargodha Offered Programs

The Superior University has many programs in the following areas: Facility of  Sciences, Facility of Engineering & Technology, Facility of Social Sciences, Facility of Arts and Humanities, Facility of Agriculture, Facility of Pharmacy, Facility of Computer and Information Technology.

University of Sargodha Fee Structure

Sargodha University has a lot of programs, such as a BS program, an MS program, a Ph.D. program, and an associate degree program.

So, when students want to get into a better university, they first check to see how much the school costs and how many semesters it has. You can click on the page to find out about the fees and semesters.

Eligibility Criteria

The University of Sargodha has specific eligibility criteria for admission to various undergraduate and graduate programs. Here are some of the eligibility criteria for different programs:

Undergraduate Programs (4-year BS/BCom/BBA, PharmD/LLB (Hons), etc.):

  • At least 45% marks in Intermediate or equivalent qualification and 50% marks in Math
  • 16 years of education in the relevant field for BSc (Hons) and BS (Hons) programs

Postgraduate Programs (MS/MSc/MCom/MBA, etc.):

  • At least 45% marks in FA/FSc/ICS or equivalent qualification
  • 16 years of education in the relevant field for MSc (Hons) and MS programs

PhD Programs:

  • MSc (Hons) or equivalent for PhD Agronomy, Agricultural Extension, Entomology, and Horticulture programs
  • At least 45% marks in FA/FSc/ICS or equivalent qualification for PhD programs

How to Apply

University of Sargodha Admission
University of Sargodha Admission

Last Date

University of Sargodha Admission 2023 Last Date to Apply is 02 January 2024


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