Superior University Admission 2024

Superior University is a well-known private school in Lahore. Many students have made their futures better by going there to school. Today we are going to talk about how to get into Superior University admissions in 2023–24. What kinds of classes does the college offer? You can also check Green International University GIU Admission.

Superior University Admission
Superior University Admission

As for each building, what will happen? What kinds of people can get into this university? How are you going to apply to this college? All the information you need will be in this block post today.

Which Programs are offered at Superior University

The Superior University has many programs in the following areas: Faculty of Business and Management Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Commerce, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Faculty of Art and Design, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Law, and Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine.

Faculty of Business and Management Sciences

  • Ph.D. Business Administration
  • M.Phil Business Administration
  • MS/M.Phil Quality Management
  • MS/M. Phil Human Resource Management
  • MS/M.Phil Environment, Health and Safety Management
  • MS/M.Phil Industrial Management
  • M.S. Construction & Engineering Management
  • MS Project Management
  • MS Engineering Management
  • MBA 1.5 years (For Business Graduates)
  • MBA 2.5 years (For Non-Business Graduates)
  • BS Business Intelligence
  • BS Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • BS Culinary Arts Management
  • BBA (Hons.)
  • BS Aviation Management
  • BS Healthcare Management
  • BS Construction and Real Estate Management

Faculty of Economics and Commerce

  • Ph.D Economics
  • Ph.D Commerce
  • MS Accounting & Finance
  • M.Phil commerce & finance
  • M.Phil Economics
  • BS E-Commerce
  • BS Commerce
  • BS Islamic Banking & Finance
  • BS Economics with Data Science
  • BS Accounting & Finance

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

  • Ph.D Computer Science
  • Ph.D Data Science
  • MS Software Project Management
  • MS Data Science
  • MS (Information Security)
  • MS Software Engineering
  • MS Information Technology
  • MS Computer Science
  • BS Internet of Things
  • BS Gaming & Multimedia
  • BS Robotics
  • BS Cyber Security
  • BS Artificial Intelligence
  • BS Data Science
  • BS Software Engineering
  • BS Information Technology
  • BS Computer Science

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Ph.D Communications Studies
  • M.Phil Mass Communication Management
  • MS Political Science
  • MS International Relations
  • MS Clinical Psychology
  • MS Sociology
  • BS Mass Communication Management
  • BS Public Policy & Governance
  • BS Criminology
  • BS International Relations
  • BS Clinical Psychology
  • BS Digital Media and Broadcast Journalism

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

  • Ph.D Food Science and Technology
  • Ph.D Rehabilitation Sciences
  • MS Rehabilitation Sciences
  • MS Allied Health Sciences
  • MS Nursing
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • B.S Nursing Generic – 4 Years
  • BS Dental Hygiene
  • BS Operation Theater Technology
  • BS Anesthesia Technology
  • BS Speech Language Pathology
  • BS Public Health
  • BS Dental Technology
  • BS Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  • BS Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • Bachelors of Science in Nursing (Post RN)
  • BS Optometry
  • BS Medical Imaging Technology
  • BS Sports Sciences and Physical Education
  • BS Respiratory Therapy
  • BS Aesthetic and Cosmetology
  • BS Renal and Dialysis Technology
  • BS Adiology
  • BS Occupational Therapy
  • BS Cardiac Perfusion
  • BS Food Sciences and Technology
  • BS Blood Transfusion Technology
  • BS Food Safety and Quality Management
  • BS Radiation Therapy Technology
  • BS Emergency and Intensive Care Sciences

Faculty of Art and Design

  • MS Art & Design
  • BS Graphic Design
  • BS Product Design
  • BS Fashion Marketing & Merchandising
  • BS Fashion Design
  • BS Fine Arts
  • Bachelors of Architecture
  • Bachelor of Interior Design
  • Bachelor of Textile Design
  • BS Home Economics
  • Bachelor of Building Design & Construction

Faculty of Pharmacy

  • Ph.D Pharmacology
  • M.Phil Pharmaceutics
  • M.Phil Pharmacology
  • Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D)

Faculty of Medical Sciences

  • M.Phil Basic Medical Sciences
  • MBBS
  • Bachelor in Dental Surgery
  • Bachelor of Eastern Medicine & Surgery (BEMS)

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

  • Ph.D Electrical Engineering
  • MS Electrical Engineering
  • MS Civil Engineering
  • MS Mechanical Engineering
  • BS Avionics Engineering
  • BSc Civil Engineering
  • BSc Electrical Engineering
  • B.Sc Mechanical Engineering
  • BSc Aircraft Maintenance & Management
  • BSc Aviation Engineering Technology
  • BSc Biomedical Engineering Technology
  • BSc Electrical System
  • BSc Information Engineering Technology
  • BSc Civil Engineering Technology
  • BSc Electrical Engineering Technology
  • B.Sc Mechanical Engineering Technology

Faculty of Sciences

  • Phd Biochemistry
  • M.Phil Chemistry
  • MS Microbiology
  • MS Zoology
  • MS Botany
  • M.Phil Statistics
  • M.Phil Physics
  • MS Biotechnology
  • MS Biochemistry
  • M.Phil Mathematics
  • BS Forensic Science
  • BS Chemistry
  • BS Biotechnology
  • BS Biochemistry
  • BS Microbiology
  • BS Mathematics
  • BS Physics

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

  • PhD Education
  • MS Linguistics
  • MS Urdu
  • MS Islamic Studies
  • MPhil Education
  • M.Phil Education, Leadership & Management
  • M.Phil. Library & Information Management
  • BS English (Language and Literature)
  • BS Education

Faculty of Law

  • LL.M.
  • LL.B.

Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences

  • BS Agriculture (Horticulture)
  • BS Agriculture (Plant Breeding and Genetics)
  • BS Poultry Science

Associate Degree Programs

  • Associate Degree in Business Administration
  • Associate Degree in Accounting & Finance
  • Associate Degree in Computer Science
  • Associate Degree in Web Design and Development
  • Associate Degree in Cyber Security
  • Associate Degree in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Superior University Admission 2024 Fee Structure

Superior University has a lot of programs, such as a BS program, an MS program, a Ph.D. program, and an associate degree program.

So, when students want to get into a better university, they first check to see how much the school costs and how many semesters it has. You can click on the page to find out about the fees and semesters.

Eligibility Criteria

Superior University has more than 40 classes, and the requirements to get into each one are different. You can check the eligibility of any program.

How to Apply for Admission

Here are the steps you need to take to get into Superior University in 2023. Click on the links below to see two ways to apply to Superior University.

Admission Process (Online)

  • Click on Apply now button in the header menu.
  • Create a login account to access the registration portal.
  • Fill in all the required information in the software provided.
  • Download the fee voucher for the payment of registration fee.
  • Submit your fee on-campus OR in any branch of the designated banks nationwide. Applicant must visit the admission office after paying the registration fee. Or, you can upload on portal or share the fee voucher on the official WhatsApp number.
  • Receive career counselling from the counsellors to choose the appropriate program.
  • Collect the test/registration slip after paying the prospectus fee.
  • Appear in entry test and interview at the designated campus.
  • Get your offer letter and a fee challan after a successful interview.
  • Submit your fee on-campus OR in any branch of the designated banks nationwide.
  • Submit all required documents along with the fee paid slip to the admissions office.
  • Get your student kit (comprising of student handbook, student ID card and portal information).
  • Attend the orientation session to be familiarized with the university’s facilities, services, and academic policies.

Superior University Address

Main Campus: 17km Raiwind Rd, Kot Araian, Lahore, Punjab. 042-38103777

Superior University Help Line Number

I gave you three Superior University Helpline lines that you can call to get any kind of information about papers, admissions, etc.

PTCL No: 042-38103777

WhatsApp No

  • Lahore: 0333-4910885
  • Faisalabad: 0300-8420341
  • Sargodha: 0311-1133391
  • Rahim Yar Khan: 0300-2618666


I can see to it that you review all of the details for admission to Superior University for 2023–2024.

Please tell your friends about our information if it has been helpful to you so they can apply to this university as well.

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